Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Accidents Never Happen

With it's world famous dock featuring so highly in it's 800 year history, Liverpool has always found itself home to a multitude of peoples and cultures. This influx of outsiders has seeped its way into the current musical make-up of the city, with a flock of non-native talent settling in the area with the view to carving out a career in music. Case in point: Accidents Never Happen.

Originating from Oslo, Norway, ANH relocated to the city after touring the UK, soon realising their hometown was "not where it was at". Feeling the Norwegian reaction to their music was more "huh??", it seemed obvious to base the band in Liverpool, were feedback was far more enthusiastic.

Inspired by the likes of Sonic Youth and The Walkman, ANH effortlessly float between frantic angst ridden indie to lush, edgy ballads, not just between tracks, but within them. Consistently refusing to conform to the restraints of the Alt-Rock/Post-Punk pigeonhole, front man Magz describes the band's debut album Oslo Beat (perhaps a homage to the Mersey Beat sound associated with the city) as "a beautiful mess", which, for those of us who are hopelessly addicted to the rounded sound of electronica, is devilishly enjoyable.

MP3: Accidents Never Happen - Killer Boots DOWNLOAD
MP3: Accidents Never Happen - Saturday Night DOWNLOAD
MP3: Accidents Never Happen - Killer Boots (Ian Hall Remix) DOWNLOAD

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Anonymous said...

hey kiddo!
the drummer for ANH looks like the guy from fall out boy.
nice guys good music.

other oslo greatness includes:


oh and JR Ewing, but the broke up a while ago.
there are shit loads more, but i aing got time right now.