Friday, 18 January 2008

Cold Act Ill

We've all done it. Downloaded tracks willy-nilly from our most trusted of audioblogs (CTA included of course) and never actually got round to listening to what we've pulled from the site. Aside for the unnecessary bandwidth wastage and prehaps contributing to the increasing cheapness of music, there's always the potential that we've missing out on some great music.

Classixx Cold Act Ill is one such track. Laying dormant on my ipod for what must have been a month, I finally stumbled across it (again) while loitering in a traffic jam. Now, pressing that little play button doesn't seem much but on this occasion a full scale phonic assault was unleashed on my ears. A chunky motorcycle bassline wrapped around a fabulous Roxanne Shante vocal hook made for a deliciously infectious slice of electro genius that warrented a press of the repeat button (very rare).

Having already featured on esteemed blogs like Ohh! Crapp, Discobelle and Electronic Crack, it shan't be long before Cold Act Ill is cemented into the consciousness of all but the proverbial cave dweller.

"We came here tonight to get started. Cold Act Ill or get retarded"

MP3: Classixx - Cold Act Ill (Removed As Per Artist Request)

MP3: Roxanne Shante - Def Fresh Crew (Feat. Biz Markie) DOWLOAD

Check out Ohh! Crapp for a great Classixx interview.


Anonymous said...


-Loud pipes

swallowedbyafish said...

sick track
thx for puttin it up i was looking all night

∙fj♥∙ said...
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∙fj♥∙ said...

hey mate, its out on beatport, u MUST BUY IT. apparently the version we have is a demop, the official ones are DIFFERENT!

Cheers <3

AnbroK said...

Cold act can be listend at my latest DJ set.
What an awesome track.
Check it out: