Sunday, 31 October 2010

The Knocks - Dancing With The DJ

Following the release of their whistling based breakthrough track Make It Better, New York duo The Knocks hit me an email announcing the upcoming release of their third single Dancing With The DJ.

Pitched somewhere between Calvin Harris, Mark Ronson and The Ting Tings, Dancing With The DJ will surely propel the band into pop notoriety. That said, it's a little sad to be listening to a track that got 'summer' scrawled all over it's forehead in neon marker pen, when British Summer Time officially ended last night. Irony upon ironies.

The single, which features Julia Tepper on vocal hook duties, is set for released on 28th November and will be backed up Thinking About You on the b-side. Both tracks are being offered, to you, for free no less, simply by visiting the bands Facebook page and hitting the like button.

MP3: The Knocks - Dancing With The DJ DOWNLOAD

Thursday, 14 October 2010


Brother represent something of a growing trend in band self promotion: no Myspace page. I guess it adds to an overall air of mystique, what with the sparsity of information and all. Its just that it makes my job that little bit harder.

Nevertheless, Brother may also represent another trend: the rise of Britpop 2.0.

The 1980's have come and gone, and then come again, so it would seem chronologically sensible for a band to revive lad culture, walk with at swagger, and make rock'n'roll music with a heavy dollop of faux working class attitude. And this appears to be Brother's strategy. Britpop was popular once; it'll damn well be popular again! Given the amount of label interest in the band, it would seem to be a widely held point of view. It worked for Kasabian, didn't it?

With the 90's barely a distant memory, I do wonder: if we continue this pace of regeneration, we'll soon be reviving last years music and calling it retro!

MP3: Brother - Darling Buds of May DOWNLOAD

Sunday, 10 October 2010


Lissie? Urgh. For me, it's a name that conjures up an image of some English Sloanie flashing a bit of Daddies bonus pay about the place and wangling a record deal in the process. The truth is far more appealing.

For one, she's not from England, hailing instead from the American Midwest. More importantly however, it's clear she's a grafter. Having opened for Lenny Kravitz way back in early '08, it's only now, nearly three years down the line, that she's released her debut album Catching a Tiger, getting the worldwide recognition she deserves with her powerful brand of husky voiced folk rock.

Having toured America extensively, Lissie will be playing dates throughout the U.K. and Europe right through November/December. For now, satisfy yourself with her fine cover of Metallica power-ballad classic Nothing Else Matters...and yes, that guy is playing the bass and precussion at the same time.

MP3: Lissie - When I'm Alone DOWNLOAD

Friday, 8 October 2010

Make It Better Video

Production duo B-Roc and Jpat, known collectively as The Knocks, have released an official music video to accompany their fantastic whistle-athon single Make It Better, released earlier this year on the supreme Neon Gold Records label. I have literally no idea what the concept behind the video is, though it does appear to advocate gun violence against teachers, children, and fitness nerds; none of which I support...and nor should you.

MP3: The Knocks - Make It Better DOWNLOAD

Brooke Fraser

You like Feist, right? Course you do. Now, imagine Feist was a New Zealander, perhaps a little taller, and was partial to the odd Christian music festival love in. If your imagination is lacking, then permit me to introduce Brooke Fraser: Australasia's answer to the Nova Scotian songstress.

Something In The Water is the opening gambit on Fraser's forthcoming album Flags. It is kooky and bouncy, and has ipod/ipad/itunes/i? commercial soundtrack written all over it. Not that she needs the leg up; she's already toured with John Mayer and has had an itunes #1 over in New Zealand.

Fraser will be touring the United States throughout November/December, while album Flags will see a worldwide release later this month. Pre-order? Here.

MP3: Brooke Fraser - Something In The Water DOWNLOAD

Thursday, 7 October 2010


(This is me. This is not you)

University has finished. I am now a Registered Nurse. I have a little more time on my hands. Maybe I should start this blogging lark again.