Sunday, 30 December 2007

Enkel Apa

Enkel Apa is the combined handiwork of brothers Pontus and Hampus Lindin.

Having dabbled in some production work in his early teens, Pontus' love for making music was rekindled after coming across a battery of electronic staples. The likes of Justice, Kavinsky and the Ed Banger set. After cobbling together a Myspace page and getting his brother on board, the Enkel Apa production juggernaut was complete.

As it's the beginning of the year, let me start off with a prediction: "I truly believe this Swedish duo will hit big in 2008". Aside from the killer production, the old skool vibe, and of course the cute pixelated monkey mascot, Enkel Apa's adeptness at referencing their contemporaries without ever parodying them should see as them a fundamental throughout the coming year.

MP3: Enkel Apa - Selleck DOWNLOAD

MP3: Enkel Apa - Back In The Days DOWNLOAD


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