Friday, 11 January 2008

New Surkin Track

This wedge of 90's influenced electronic brilliance comes courtesy of Parisian based Surkin. Absolutely ravetastic, I can't lap up enough of it.

A slight discussion point: does anyone else think music is moving this way in general? I mean, the 80's has had rather a monopoly over music (especially electro), is it now time for piano stabs, chopped vocals and baggy trousers?

MP3: Surkin - White Knights Two DOWNLOAD

MP3: Teki Latex - Les Martins De Paris (Surkin Remix) DOWNLOAD


Adem With An E said...

Phwoar, that's stunning.

RE: The way music is moving; Absolutely. I think that very early 90's feel is going to really run rife come 2009/2010...

Bogart said...

Yes, I hope so. His remix of Foals' 'Hummer' is outfuckingstanding.