Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Psychiatric Abuse

I was actually going to post something else today, but this bit of news wound me up so much I felt the need to vent some of my anger...and what better place to do it than here.

My outrage concerns Massachusetts Judge Rotenberg Educational Centre's (JRC) 24/7 Behaviour Modification Program. Sounds ominous, and indeed it is. Essentially an aversive therapy, JCR employs the use of electrodes attached to the skin that allows for the administration of an electric shock to the wearer, often an individual which psychiatry has labelled ADD/ADHD or other such 'illness'

A recent report from New York education officials listed several areas of concern, including reports of students receiving burns from the shock device and ability for staff to view students while they dress or bathe.

Abuse like this should not happen, least of all to children. Yet psychiatry, with its endless myths and pseudo-science has justified the schools actions to the U.S. government, who seem happy enough to shell out the $200 000 (£100 000) yearly fee.

For more information of Psychiatric abuse head over to: Psych Watch, Psychatric Abuse, End Psychiatric Abuse. And read this book

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