Saturday, 5 January 2008

Bag Raiders - Acoustic Cover

Have Fun Club posted this the other day. It's...get this... an acoustic cover of Bag Raiders Punch Fun by 19 year old, Sydney based Cassian. The fact that it sounds like it's been layed down using the most rudemetory of recording equipment, and that the timing is sometimes a little off, only adds to the tracks overall charm.

MP3: Bag Raiders - Punch Fun (Cassian's Acoustic Remake) DOWNLOAD

The Hype Machine didn't index the Enkel Apa tracks I posted, so for their benifit, here they are agian:

MP3: Enkel Apa - Selleck DOWNLOAD

MP3 Enkel Apa - Back In The Days DOWNLOAD

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Adem With An E said...

Bah, I could have *SWORN* I'd commented on this posting yesterday, I even think I wrote "Christ on a Bike" when I'd heard it and began commenting. Anyway, this is pretty gorgeous; the original's gotten a SHIT load of play on my radio show so I think this one deserves a bit of a spin because of that too...