Monday, 30 July 2007

Alex Metric

Incredibly short post I know, but you needn't fret, we don't skimp on quality around here. Habitual break beater, Alex Metric remixes last years dance floor killer, Monster Hospital. In the interest of accuracy, I'd say it's more a hybrid of the celebrated MSTRKRFT remix rather than a remix in its own right. Comments welcome.
MP3: Metric - Monster Hospital (Alex Metric Remix) DOWNLOAD

Saturday, 28 July 2007


As skint as I was, I managed to get myself to the New Picket to attend the Trocabrahma Culture Jam, an event that I hoped would "synthesise the finest in established and emerging UK and Brazilian music talent for an incandescent must-see live show, urban art and truly exclusive collaborations".

Now, I'll be open with you, I think of this event as nothing more than a cynical marketing tool to embed the Brahma brand into youth culture, developed by a brewery with a 2006 market capitalisation of $41.7 billion dollars. But we'll push that aside for now. Although I didn't see the full line-up, what heralded unfortunately did not live up to its own hype: Romulo Froes, King Creosote, Tony Da Gatorra, Gruff Rhys and Tita Lima. I don't know if it was just the mood I was in, or maybe the beer I was drinking, but none of what I saw even hinted on the flair that one associates with Brazilian music. This chiefly demonstrated by Gruff Rhys (who's solo stuff isn't bad) and Tony Da Gatorra's collaborative set, who's mind numbingly arid sound seemed hopelessly monotonous and unfitting. One guy I missed, Ben Westbeech, from what I've heard, would have enthused life into what should have been an invigorating experience.

Anyway, as cynical and despondent as I may sound, money permitting of course, I hope to go see Diplo (as part of the same event) for a dose of grizzly hip-hop. Brahma anyone?

MP3: Gruff Rhys - Candylion DOWNLOAD / Zshare
MP3: Ben Westbeech - Hang Around DOWNLOAD / Zshare
MP3: Diplo - Must Be A Devil DOWNLOAD / Zshare

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Daft Punk + Digitalism = Greatness

Here's the Digitalism remix of Daft Punks, Technologic. It seems quite apt to post this track as it features two artists who a receiving a fair bit of attention. Daft Punk, because hip-hop super star Kanye West sampled the infamous Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, catapulting the duo into ubiquity, and German trio Digitalism, due to the fact that their most recent album, Idealism, was nothing short of momentous.

Being candid, as usual, I've never been overly keen on Technologic. I just thought it was a bit boring, reflecting the uniform approach and overall drabness of the album on which it featured. Digitalism, however, present us with a rather refreshing remix. Gone are the meandering bass line, guitar chugs and mind-numbing repetitiveness, instead we are treated to emotive synths, exhilarating breakdowns and dance friendly beats. I thought Germans were meant to make music more ridged and efficient than this.

MP3: Daft Punk - Technologic (Digitalism's Highway Remix) DOWNLOAD

Here's a beautifully understated remix of the Klaxons, Its Not Over Yet, courtesy of Lille based serial remixer, Brodinski. Playing in Manchester in late September, although he doesn't say where. Check his myspace for updates.

MP3: The Klaxons - It's Not Over Yet (Brodinski Remix) DOWNLOAD

Sunday, 15 July 2007

The Hype Machine

Check The Availability can now be found on the wonderful blog aggregator, the Hype Machine. It was the Hype Machine that introduced me to blogging world, so to be initiated into it is a genuine honour. It feels like things have gone full circle somewhat. I used to use it, and still do, to find great music. Now I'm providing it with (hopefully) great music. What better way to celebrate, than to post the song that brought me to the Hype Machine nearly two years ago.

MP3: Jose Gonzalez - Heartbeats DOWNLOAD

Bringing myself back to the present, here's a rather amazing take on the Chromeo song, Bonafied Lovin', remixed by Florida based DJ, Lazaro Casanova. The song loses some of the Chromeo brand funk but more than makes up for it with easy-on-the-ear dance rhythms and driving beats. Coming to the UK early in September. Check his myspace for details.

MP3: Chromeo - Bonafide Lovin' (Lazaro Casanova Remix) DOWNLOAD

Thursday, 12 July 2007

The Pistolas

I know a couple of posts ago, I made the Tokyo Police Club gig sound like a total disaster, but it wasn't all doom n' gloom. Of course, as it was after 1st July, the smoking ban was in full effect. I make no apologies for sounding like a do-gooder but I love the clean air. I don't think the novelty will ever wear off. I don't miss feeling suffocated by various noxious gases, nor waking up the following morning perfumed with tobacco. I'd also add that, and this is purely anecdotal, the room was of a much cooler temperate than what I usually experience. This does make sense when you consider that hundreds of smouldering cigarettes emitting a sultry haze, has suddenly vanished. It makes for a much more comfortable experience.

Another added bonus of the evening (and the main point of the post, although you wouldn't know it) was the support act, The Pistolas. They came recommended by a friend who'd received a promo CD. With an audacious glam punk sound coupled with an infectiously uninhibited front man (an X-rated Will Young) they really did outshine T.P.C. If you do get the opportunity to see these guys play, please, please, don't let the chance pass you by.

While on the topic of support acts, I went to see Ghost on Monday. Preceding them were The Hoosiers, a band I know nothing about yet have achieved a top 5 single I believe. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed these guys. Again, a genuinely entertaining front man (who looked a hell of a lot like Ben Stiller) and brazen sound, stifling the main attraction.

MP3: The Pistolas - Take It With A Kiss DOWNLOAD/Zshare

MP3: The Hoosiers - Goodbye Mr. A DOWNLOAD

Monday, 9 July 2007


In light of the recent release of Kanye's Stronger, here are a couple of remixes that were sent to me a while back. To be honest, I was kind of expecting it to be the new D.A.N.C.E. You know, endless remixes. However, I only got two to offer you.

I Particularly like Diplo's effort, with its repetitive vocal hook and trademark beats. That said, (and I know I'm only a lowly blogger) I think it's wrongly named. There's nothing to suggest that it's a remix of Stronger, more a re-working of its mother track, Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. Anyway, I'm just nitpicking.

You may also have noticed a reemergence of the aforementioned Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger on the blogging circuit. This, I suspect, has much to do with Kanye putting his weight behind the track. So as not to miss the bandwagon you'll be happy to see I've posted a fine remix for your listening pleasure.

MP3: Kanye West - Stronger (Diplo's Work Is Never Over) MP3 DOWNLOAD
MP3: Kanye West - Stronger (Mano X Remix) MP3 DOWNLOAD
MP3: Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Dirty Disco Youth) DOWNLOAD
BONUS: MP3: Kanye West - Diamonds (Ratatat Remix) MP3 DOWNLOAD

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Odds n' Ends

This is just a small selection of some really great, quirky music that has been collected over recent months. Apologies for the Inspector Gadget theme tune. It just has so many memories of my youth associated with it. Thanks to The Pelican's Perch for drawing my attention to the quintisentially French, La Noyee, composed by avant-garde musician Yann Tiersen. A song featured on the equally French, Amelie.

MP3: Yann Tiersen - La Noyée MP3 DOWNLOAD
MP3: Coldplay - Clocks (Cuban Version) MP3 DOWNLOAD
MP3: Inspector Gadget - Theme Tune MP3 DOWNLOAD
MP3: Tunng - Pioneers (Bloc Party Cover) MP3 DOWNLOAD
MP3: Art Blakey Percussion Ensemble - Cubano Chant MP3 DOWNLOAD
MP3: The Feeling - Love It When You Call (Lo-Fi-Fnk Remix) MP3 DOWNLOAD
MP3: Flashbulb - Lucid Bass III MP3 DOWNLOAD

Tokyo Police Club

Being honest, I've not really been to many live gigs of late, certainly not enough for someone who contributes to such a high calibre blog like this one. So when I got the offer to go and watch the Tokyo Police Club at Liverpool's Barfly, as part of Levi's One's To Watch, I jumped at the chance.

Tokyo Police Club are a band that I've heard a lot about, but have not actually heard their music. They've been gathering a bit of pace recently, even appearing on Letterman I believe. Now, I understand that when hearing a band for the first time live, you have to give a bit of leeway as the recorded sound is often incomparable to the live attempt. In spite of this, breathing space shall we say, I found the whole experience to be a rather turgid yet lacklustre event, often verging on annoying.

In the first instance, the vocals were feeble at best, delivered by a front man/bassist whose shoulders were in a constant state of hunch. I've listened to the recorded effort and can assure that the singing doesn't lose any of its frailty. The whole sound was often unnecessarily bloated, with keyboards, guitar and drums constantly jostling for attention within the incredibly short length of the songs, all of which seemed to end abruptly. Something I wouldn't mind once or twice for poignancy, but constantly? It became rather irritating yet was so avoidable. Then there was the obligatory 'mad scientist' keyboard player, whose input to the overall sound, aside from a few notable tracks, seemed to be something of an after thought. Stuck-on almost. That coupled with his incessant shrieks (which harked back to At The Drive In) made for a most unpleasant performance.

To sum up, Tokyo Police Club are like a Bloc Party gone bad. Pretentious, without any call to be. Tight, but often cluttered. There are enough of these bands who can do this kind of sound well...Tokyo Police Club are not one of them.

MP3: Tokyo Police Club - Your English Is Good MP3 DOWNLOAD

MP3: Tokyo Police Club - Be Good (RAC Remix) MP3 DOWNLOAD

Monday, 2 July 2007

S'all Happening Here...

Saturday Night. What a poor nights sleep that one was. The reason? A police helicopter hovering over the area, sporadically beaming its light into my bedroom, doing a damn good impression of a UFO. I mean, what the hell? Did they think there was some kind of terrorist cell hiding out in Mossley Hill, a leafy suburb of Liverpool?

Sunday Morning. I wake up to find a suspected terrorist cell was hiding out in Mossley Hill, two streets away from me non the less. Now, as I'm originally from the countryside, I'm simply not used to being at the centre of current news activity. Especially not of this scale, complete with police raid, road blocks and ITN news crew. I've been a nervous wreck. The way I see it, I came to within an inch of my life. In an attempt to quell my nerves, I headed out (being vigilant, as instructed by the local police) to my favourite club night, Random, a communal DJ night where by participants choose the music played via their own ipod. It's an excellent way of picking up tracks you've missed. Prime example: Mel, Random's all American host, dropped Bring It On by Belgium's Goose, a hot, dirty, Indie-Punk track that had simply fallen off my radar.

I urge all people from the Liverpool area, interested in great music, to show their support for this unique night. To honour it, please find below Bring It On complete with MSTRKRFT and Acid Jacks remix.

MP3: Goose - Bring It On MP3 DOWNLOAD
MP3: Goose - Bring It On (Acid Jacks Remix) MP3 DOWNLOAD
MP3: Goose - Bring It On (MSTRKRFT JFK Remix) MP3 DOWNLOAD