Sunday, 6 January 2008


I saw Goodbooks in either January or February of last year (I forget exactly). They were supporting the frankly awful The Maccabees. I was a little unfortunate in the fact that their singer/guitarist was suffering some kind of illness having his place as lead vocalist filled by bassist Christopher Porter, who actually did the band proud.

But it's funny. Even though I warmed to the bands live performance, it's taken me until now to buy the album, Control. Why not sooner, I'll never know.

Aside from the way they pronounce dance (proper southern tha'knows) I really enjoy listening to this Sevenoaks' four piece. Unlike a lot of indie music out there Goodbooks don't come across as brash and have none of that misplaced arrogance. Instead, Goodbooks appeal comes via their refrained, slightly laid back approach to the genre, which, thanks to both the thoughtful lyrics of Max Cooke and vocal harmonies of said bassist never becomes ponderous.

MP3: Goodbooks - Leni DOWNLOAD
MP3: Goodbooks - The Illness DOWNLOAD
MP3: Goodbooks - The Illness (Herve Dub Remix) DOWNLOAD

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