Thursday, 3 January 2008

Q Magazine

Q Magazine's review of Feist's album, The Reminder:

"Considering the more daring company Leslie Feist keeps...her own work in suprisingly conventional. There are moments of creative flair on The Reminder, notably Sea Lion Women...and I Feel It All. She can certainly sing, but sadly the bulk of her introspective ballads to acoustic guitar accompaniment falls short of giving KT Tunstall any reason to look over her shoulder" (May 2007)

Fair enough. Their opinion is as valid as mine. But as we fast forward 8 months we find that as the magazine has become aware of Feist's appeal, all notions of intergrity are flung right out the window:

"Recorded in an old Parisian manor, it channels immediate emotional depth through delerious layers of jazz, pop and gently textured electronica"

Oh, and let's not miss My Moon, My Man featuring at number 11 in it's 50 Essential Tracks To Download This Month list. Little wonder music fans are shunning their once beloved print press. To hell with 'em.

MP3: Feist - Mushaboom DOWNLOAD

MP3: Feist - My Moon My Man (My!Gay!Husband! Remix) DOWNLOAD


Jared M. Thiele said...

It would be hilarious if Q Mag would just stick to their guns and keep insisting that Feist isn't as good as KT Tunstall.

John Mutford said...

It's just a theory, but perhaps Q Magazine has more than one writer.

Anonymous said...

I stopped reading the magazine when George Galloway was given a massive article to sell himself. What's he got to do with anything Q related? Total sellout.