Friday, 11 January 2008

Don Juan Dracula

WARNING: Pointless anecdote regarding the choice of MP3's posted is contained below.

An unbelievable thing just happened that has frankly made my day. Let me explain. About a year ago, before I started university, I used to work in a factory, filing the edges of sheet metal. To keep my sanity, I'd fill my ipod with podcasts to last the 12 hour shifts. One such podcast was a Canadian based independent science magazine (the of which name, I forget).

During the introduction, there was a tune that always caught my attention, however, being so laid back, I never bothered to email the show to find out what the song was.

But a few days back, unbelievably, I received an email from The Orchard that featured the very song from that podcast!

MP3: Don Juan Dracula - Take Me Home DOWNLOAD

MP3: Don Juan Dracula - Take Me Home (Johan Agebjörn Remix Feat. Sally Shapiro) DOWNLOAD

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