Sunday, 17 June 2007

And Then There Were Two

You may have noticed, if you're the observant sort, that Check The Availability has a new contributor, Joel. Rest assure, I wouldn't let anyone get this prestigious job. As I'm sure Joel will testify, the selection process made The Apprentice look like a walk in the park. Joking aside, Joel is an incredibly adept writer (thought we better have one), with an eye...or ear...for great music. Glad to have him aboard.

For reasons that have no connection to the above subject, I've posted a track from Swedish producer Mr Suitcase. Admittedly, my ears are not familiar with this chap. Shame, because this is really simple, emotive dance music, dance music you could take round to your mum and dad's without causing offence. One thing I did note is that if you were to strip down his records, you'd find some very straightforward ideas. However, on top of this, Mr Suitcase layers warm sounds with clean production, giving a refreshing look to otherwise tired concepts.

MP3: Mr Suitcase - Missionaries MP3 DOWNLOAD

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