Thursday, 21 June 2007

Love Music. Hate Glastonbury

It's that time of year again. Glastonbury. Great. What the hell does it even mean anymore? Is the line up really that great to justify the extortionate ticket price? If I wanted to see The Who, which, by the way I don't, I could toddle off to the Knowsley Hall Festival for half the price. Isn't it just a place were the kids of middle England pretend they are just like everyone else, were celebrities descend to give their support to the latest flavour of the month. Heres some comments I got off the net which I found particularly amusing:
  • "I hate Glastonbury with a passion. A festival for the great unwashed and unemployed dole dossers, how they afford the tickets is beyond me."
  • "I have never been to the Glastonbury rock festival and I never will go. I do not want to be in a field full of assholes who work for the BBC and The Guardian and the British government, temporarily decked out in casual gear while pretending to be counterculture fellow travelers for the weekend, listening to Radiohead, Coldplay, The Who, Dirty Pretty Things, and suchlike vermin. Nuke Glastonbury, its New Labour promoter, and his nasty, phony, rich bitch daughter."

  • "I hate Glastonbury, It's shit and full of people who like music one week per year."

MP3: The Waterboys - Glastonbury Song MP3 DOWNLOAD

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