Tuesday, 19 June 2007


I suppose, living in Liverpool, I should take my part in pushing forward some of Liverpool's music. It's a big city that has a hell of a lot to offer...aside from the freaking Beatles. I'm literally just scraping the surface here.

John Hyde: This guy, I notice, has been picking up some momentum of late, featured on both Chazology and Palms Out Sounds, two well respected blogs. I find it quite funny. The guy lives and plays in Liverpool, yet I'd never heard of him until some blogger half way around the world gets wind of him. Crazy. Although he has some fairly decent tracks of his own, it's his remixes that are most poignant. Hyde is not afraid to take on Metric and Beastie Boy records and converting them into dirty, electro funk gems. Check out his Myspace

The Wombats: I've been lucky enough to see these guys on two occasions now. Having just looked at their Myspace, I see that they've finally got signed to 14Th Floor Records. The Wombats stay away from the traditional jangly guitar sound associated with so many Liverpool bands, instead opting for an indie-pop sound infused with tuneful harmonies and ear pleasing melodies. Soon to be heard on prime time Radio 1 no doubt.

Alphabeater: All I remember about Alphabeater is accidentally seeing them at the Barfly and being totally blown away by the sheer energy of their sound (even if they did look like a bunch of arrogant tw@ts). Admittedly, the recordings don't have the same oomph, but they at least give some idea of what to expect. As yet unsigned, but certainly worth your listening time. Visit Alphabeaters Myspace, I believe their in need of a new drummer.

MP3: Metric - Glass Ceiling (John Hyde Remix) MP3 DOWNLOAD
MP3: The Wombats - Lost In The Post MP3 DOWNLOAD
MP3: Alphabeater - Get Out The Way MP3 DOWNLOAD

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