Tuesday, 12 June 2007

The E.L.F.

I think I can claim this to be something of an 'exclusive', at least in terms of UK blogging. While away, up in the in the North East of England, I got sent an Mp3 from Australian group, The E.L.F. I use the term group in the loosest sense, since it's the lone project of Sydney based Darren 'Daz' Cross, who so happens to be the guitarist/vocalist from Gerling.

As I said to Darren, I've seem to have developed an obsessed with Australian music. With the likes of Cut Copy, Van She (Tech) and Riot In Belgium consistently releasing high quality tracks, many are turning away from traditional music hot spots like America and seeing a new meaning to the term 'world music'.

The E.L.F. sits quite comfortably within this vanguard of Australian music, however takes a very different approach than the likes of Van She et al who've developed their sound around the current 80's reverberation. Instead, and without wishing to over analyse, The E.L.F. sound like the love child of Dee-Lite and Joe Cocker. An amalgam of mid 90's underground pop genius (if that isn't to much a contradiction in terms) and cool 60/70's ambiance. Perfect for those who enjoy fine music on oppressively hot summer days.

Visit The E.L.F.'s myspace for some nice mash-ups.

MP3: The E.L.F. - Cockroaches MP3 DOWNLOAD

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