Saturday, 19 May 2007

What An Amazingly Small World We Live In

I really do love the world wide web sometimes. At what other time could you just waltzed up to someone on the other side of the world that you've never met before, start an interesting conversation and then come away listening to such great music. The time is now!

I hate to admit it, but I'm one of those guys who frequents the world of 'Second Life.' However, I don't mind the potential ridicule when even there you can "meet up" with your 'new favourite band.'

Korben are an "indie/rock/alternative" girl/boy duo from America. I've not been listening to much indie music of late but these guys (and girl) have rekindled my interest in it. To me, they are a blend of a number of great bands. The vocals remind me a lot of Star's, Amy Millan. I'm not just saying that because of the obvious female link, but both have a kinda calming, smooth tone about them. Some of the melodies are evocative of Metric's softer side, while I can't help thinking of gloomy indie rockers, Calla with regards to some of the guitar work.

I think Korben are hoping to come to the U.K. sometime in the future. I don't know if Liverpool will be a stopping point, but please visit their myspace page and start some kind of petition/harassment campaign in order to get them here. I really can't see Korben staying below the radar for long in America, which obviously means their gonna be big here as heard it here first.

With thanks to Chad, of Korben.

MP3: Korben - Steady Fools MP3 DOWNLOAD

MP3: Stars - Ageless Beauty MP3 DOWNLOAD

MP3: Metric - Soft Rock Star MP3 DOWNLOAD

MP3: Calla - Swagger MP3 DOWNLOAD

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