Saturday, 26 May 2007

Indie Overload

Yet again Apple have let me down. My second ipod went bust. The headphone socket decided to give up on me. I wouldn't mind, but I payed £180 for a piece of equipment that's only lasted 9 months, yet here I am, like an idiot, with a new ipod in hand, £150 the poorer.

Anyway, I uploaded the songs from this computer to my ipod. Now, this computer is only about 5 months old, so the songs uploaded represent only 5 months of my music taste if you will. While scrolling through my artist list, something struck me. I have been listening to a disproportionate amount of what you may term 'electronic' music. I then takes a looks at me past blog posts and find the same thing.

I wondered why I'd been drawn to the 'dark side?' It was obvious. I was clearly suffering from some kind of post traumatic stress disorder. Y'see, I'd had a very unfortunate experience. To make ends meet, I'd had to seek employment in a factory, and in this factory they had a radio hooked up to a loud speaker, and this radio was tuned to Radio FUCKING 1. You can now appreciate my pain. For 6 whole months I was subjected to The View roughly 5 times a day, The Killers at least 8 times a day and Fratellis hourly not to mention the daily dose of Jo "I wish I was still a student" Wiley. It was an overkill of indie. Subconsciously, my mind must have said "enough."

So, for the past day or two I've been redressing the balance. Below, you'll find the fruits of my labour. I gotta tell you though, there's a hell of a lot of crap out there. Lucky you got me to do the sifting then, eh?

MP3: The Moths - Valentine MP3 DOWNLOAD

MP3: The Tacticians - London's Alright MP3 DOWNLOAD

MP3: Dr. Dog - My Old Way's MP3 DOWNLOAD

MP3: The Black Ghost's - Anyway You Choose To Give It MP3 DOWNLOAD

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