Friday, 25 May 2007

Moving On Up....

This is just a post to give you the low down on how to download songs posted on Check The Availability. Up until recently, I have been hosting the MP3's on Z Share which, while it was simple enough for me to do, it was a pain in the ass for you 'consumers' to get to the files amid the torrent of adverts.

Anyway, the blog has moved on up, so to speak. I've registered with the wonderful 'Fileden.' Aside from the fact that all the advertising gets directed at me, it also makes for a much more conventional way to download. All you need to do is right click the link and 'save target as...' See, simple. The only draw back is that they can only host 1GB of mp3's, which means that once I've reached my lot then I'll have to start deleting the older tracks. Probably not a bad thing in light of the various breeches of copyright I'm making.
I've updated a few past posts so they can be downloaded in the new manner. If you've already downloaded them but are desperate to try out the new system, don't worry. I've posted the amazing 'Kill Her Off' by New Yorkers, The Ropes for your listening pleasure.

MP3: The Ropes - Kill Her Off MP3 DOWNLOAD

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