Wednesday, 9 May 2007

I Am Finn

I'm going to be honest. I know next to nothing about I Am Finn. This is what I got. A "boy shaped girl" from London, who believes "global warming is unstoppable" and last logged into his/hers Myspace page on 08/05/2007. That's it. Oh, and one more thing. He/she is playing at the Knowsley Music Hall on 25Th June which I'll be doing my best to attend. In the meantime, if anyone knows who is Finn, then please would you let everyone else know.

Here's an absolutely unbelievable I Am Finn track, remixed by those Aussie tike's Van She Tech, one half of the band Van She. This is dance music at it's best. Managed to get it played at Korova in Liverpool on Sunday. It's kinda trancey in some respects. The main hook is amazingly euphoric, but it's not cheesy. That's some mean feat. See what y'all think.
MP3: I Am Finn - I Love You (Van She Tech Remix) MP3 DOWNLOAD

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Anonymous said...

I saw I am Finn at the bic supporting the hoosiers - and they were amazing - they did not play I Love You