Thursday, 29 November 2007

Mr Miyagi: Pick Your Posion (JFK Remix)

If I didn't know any better, I'd probably say that Canadian multi-instrumentalist, Jesse Frederick Keeler (better known as JFK) had given up on that MSTRKRFT thingy him and Alex Puodziukas had got going. I'm only saying 'cos as far as I'm aware the last thing they released under that collaborative guise was a remix of the Crystal Method's, Keep Hope Alive, and since which JFK has appeared to have gone it alone, churning out a bevy of top notch remixes, the latest being Mr Miyagi's, Pick Your Poison. Now (bear with me here), if the original is as an all out nuclear assault, Keeler's is more of a 'Cruise Missile', if you will. Toned down and with an added vocal hook (a dead ringer of Moby's Bodyrock), the result is not as ear bleedingly destructive, but certainly no less vicious.

MP3: Mr Miyagi - Pick Your Poison (JFK Remix) DOWNLOAD

MP3: Bloc Party - Flux (JFK Remix) DOWNLOAD


Anonymous said...

no worries, they are working on their second album. hence the not working on remixes as MSTRKRFT. and jesse wouldnt take kindly to being compared to moby. he finds his music boring.

alex @ said...

I like the Mr Miyagi track, pretty cool.. :)

peter said...

can't seem to download the miyagi track. any help?

the Seraph said...

I posted this a while back but nobody seemed to pick up on it. Glad someone else is spreading the wealth. Decent track!

Paul said...

Having a bit of problems with my file hosting service. If it doesn't work first time round, try again in a couple of hours. Sorry.