Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Grrrls Aloud

I shouldn't be posting this. Aside from the legal issues regarding copyright infringement, posting a pleasure as guilty as this one could, potentially, leave my good name in tatters. The evidence is stark. Girls Aloud were born out of Popstars: The Rivals, one of those ghastly reality TV talent shows, and subsequently managed by the rather twatty, Louis Walsh. Nonetheless, for a pop group as manufactured as this, Girls Aloud have been surprising recipients of wholesale praise from the music print media. As for myself, I've always found their sound, although not without merit, a tad sickly sweet, a product of their production team, Xenomania.

However new single, Call The Shots, is a rather different story. Having first heard it via a live performance on, God forgive me, The X Factor, I was at once at ease with its spacey synths, angelic vocals and chugging bassline. Although it is essentially a piece of Euro-Pop, it is a credible piece of Euro-Pop. More edgy and emotive than is typical of the genre, indeed more edgy and emotive than most of their back catalogue. So please, for your own sake, cast aside your prejudices and simply enjoy what is ultimately a great piece of Pop music.

MP3: Girls Aloud - Call The Shots DOWNLOAD

MP3: Girls Aloud - Call The Shots (Xenomania Remix) DOWNLOAD


∙fj♥∙ said...

i'm not ashamed to say, they released one of the best not-so-cheesy-pop albums this year.. it sure brings out the fag in me i tell ya lol!


croft said...

I like this song, they've got good writers and the best tits in the business.

Anonymous said...

Their new album is fantastic- one of the best pop albums of the 00s for sure.