Sunday, 18 November 2007


Wha!?! My heads spinning and I have heart palpataions. Have I had my head buried in the proverbial sand or have the Van She lads been a tad coy in bringing this one to our attention. New single, Cat And The Eye, is a slight departure from the bands quirky, bright 80's sound, but is no less catchy or anthemic than 2005's classic, Kelly. Honestly, even though I've just got my hands on it, I'm totally hooked. But maybe, as Bigstereo so eloquently put it, I'm just struggling to tame the inner fanboy. We'll see. Oh, and he's the accompanying video for you to ogle at. Fucking weird to say the least.

MP3: Van She - Cant And The Eye DOWNLOAD


His Whoreness said...

the video is weird and the song sounds like something you just can't recall, but you can't help but love it all the same

certainly brings a smile to my face

His Whoreness said...

maybe its just my connection but I can't seem to download the mp3

His Whoreness said...

ok, I might just have to draw a cock on my forehead because the link is working all fine now

Sorry to take up so many comments