Sunday, 11 November 2007

The Twelves

Yeah, so I know this post may be a little belated considering that The Twelves have already appeared on all these blogs. That said, I have no shame in reiterating the fact that these guys are hella good.

The Twelves, of Rio De Janerio, Brazil, have become darlings of some of the more influential blogs, however, owe little to these bastions of underground musical promotion. Their adeptness at turning out simple, nuts and bolts, upbeat electro edits would have broke into the conciseness of most, even without said publicity. These dudes certainly ain't no one trick pony's either. No sir. Their original production work is shockingly good.

Although I've not posted it, The Twelves remix of Asobi Seksu's Thursday is something to behold. Get it here.

MP3: New Young Pony Club - Get Lucky (The Twelves Remix) DOWNLOAD
MP3: M.I.A. - Boyz (The Twelves Remix) DOWNLOAD
MP3: The Twelves - The Other Side DOWNLOAD
BONUS: MP3: New Young Pony Club - Get Lucky (MSTRKRFT Remix) DOWNLOAD

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Anonymous said...

they r great

but the links dont work anymore.... =/