Thursday, 6 September 2007

The E.L.F. (2)

Heads up! Here's a new track from Darren Cross, otherwise known as The E.L.F. Possessing a slightly more shadowy tone to that of previous track Cockroaches, Dragon Fire may seem rather apt to Check The Availability's British readership. Where as Cockroaches was the sound of the Summer that never was (in terms of weather), Dragon Fire's more introvert sound reflects the inevitable arrival of day light savings, anti-freeze and all round hibernation. Lucky b**tard is supporting Midnight Juggernauts on various Australian tour dates.

Here's the video to Cockroaches which was not put up before because I only just found out how to embed Youtube videos. Duh!?!

MP3: The E.L.F. - Dragon Fire DOWNLOAD/Zshare

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