Monday, 10 September 2007

Operator Please

Last night I was in attendance at Levi's One's To Watch at the Barfly, Liverpool. Yes, I know it stinks of desperate corporate marketing, but they've certainly had more than a modicum of success, with past performers including, among others, The Editors, The Kooks and everyone's favourite shoe-gazer, Maps. The Headliner last night: Operator Please; a clean cut bunch of juvenile Gold Coast Australians.

Looking like something from School of Rock, Operator Please push forward a rather innocuous brand of Indie-Pop Rock while boasting both a violinist and a Beth Ditto lookalike. Although the audience (comprising mostly of 14 year old drunks) were treated to an overall tight and at times fun performance, I soon realised I was party to nothing groundbreaking. That said, they serve a purpose, albeit to entertain college kids, but there's no harm in that now is there.

MP3: Operator Please - Just A Song About Ping-Pong DOWNLOAD/Zshare

MP3: Operator Please - Crash Tragic

For those who haven't had enough violin infused indie, here's some more entertaining use of the instrument from Belgium's dEUS. Oh, and before I forget, you should be able to get Check The Availability at now.

MP3: dEUS - Suds And Soda

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