Sunday, 9 September 2007


I was severely 'miffed' when my constant putting-off of purchasing tickets for Feist's Manchester gig inevitably led to the familiar "Sorry love, we're all sold out" line from the box office attendant. So in desperation I've bought tickets for the Nottingham show on 23RD September...111 miles away!!! Now, as happy as I am to be going, I own a 988cc 1992 Nissan Micra, so you can appreciate my concern about actually making it there. Any auto-mobile donations would be most appreciated.

MP3: Feist - 1234 DOWNLOAD
MP3: Feist - One Evening (Rene Goulet's Da Luz Mix) DOWNLOAD
MP3: The Warren Family Band - So Sorry (Live) (Feist Cover) DOWNLOAD
BONUS: MP3: The Warren Family Band - There Is An End (Live) (Holly Golightly Cover) DOWNLOAD


Anonymous said...

and let the poeple hear it. ;-)

bridging the atlantic said...

it'll be worth the trip - feist is amazing live. i've seen her a few times before The Reminder was released and would love to see the new stuff performed.
we just put up a few feist remixes at bridging the atlantic (including a wicked chromeo one). check it out here: said...

Thanks for the post! I especially like the Rene Goulet's Da Luz Mix. I've got a compilation of Feist music videos here.