Tuesday, 4 September 2007

The Whole Of The Moon

Here's a totally unnecessary, grossly over produced, hopelessly cheesy yet valiant cover of The Whole Of The Moon, performed by all American songstress turned actor, Mandy Moore. And for those who've been living in a cave, here's The Waterboy's original to boot.

MP3: Mandy Moore - The Whole Of The Moon DOWNLOAD/Zshare
MP3: The Waterboy's - The Whole Of The Moon DOWNLOAD/Zshare


Anonymous said...

They are both good. Props to Mandy for appreciating/covering a good song.

matt said...

I concur with the previous poster. This is pretty damn good. Credit to Ms. Moore.

Mel said...

In a totally unrelated post, today was the day i discovered samurai.fm on the internet. I think you'd like it.

Paul said...

I've just had a look. They've got a pretty good radio station. Hope the Modest Mouse gig went well. I'd have gone but I'm brass monkeys :-(