Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Van She (2)

Here's a selection of Van She remixes that maybe haven't gained as much attention as others. I can't help thinking they're just having a laugh with some of these. One observation I made is that Van She appear to be rather nationalist with regards to the artist's they remix. Good for them, say I! Staying on the Australian tip, I also got a bonus remix of Sneaky Sound System's, I Love It, courtesy of their fellow Croc wrestling countrymen, Bagraiders. I think Palms Out Sound has got the full vocal mix up somewhere. Try sit still listening to this one.

MP3: Malinda Jackson - Fall In Love (Van She Tech Remix) DOWNLOAD/Zshare
MP3: Mandy Kane - Murder In Daylight (Van She Tech Remix) DOWNLOAD
MP3: The Bravery - Time Won't Let Go (Van She Tech Remix) DOWNLOAD/Zshare
MP3: Muscles - One Inch Badge Pin (Van She Tech Remix) DOWNLOAD/Zshare

MP3: Utah Saints - Something Good (Van She Remix) (Removed At Artist's Request)

MP3: Sneaky Sound System - I Love It (Bagraiders Dub Remix) DOWNLOAD/Zshare


echo37 said...

thank you for a great place to explore music. i enjoyed these downloads much thanx.

echo37 said...


Spider Pancakes said...

Maybe im just stating the obvious, but you do realise that Van She Tech and Van She are separate artists...?

Van She Tech are actually a pair of girls who were 'related' to the band in some way and asked to use the name.