Monday, 13 August 2007

Daft Punk. Human After All?

I'm pretty sure that some blog, somewhere will have already done this one. It's kind of obvious I guess, bringing to light some of the samples that the now legendary Daft Punk used to create their celebrated dance sound. Some may be shocked, as even I have to admit, on first listen some do seem like direct "quotes" if you will. Does it make Daft Punk less credible? I don't believe it does. Let's not lose sight of the fact that dance music has always prided itself on taking old concepts and manipulating them to make them fresh and relevant to a particular era. I'm pretty sure there's a whole load more out there. If anyone wants to link to them please feel free to do so.

MP3: Edwin Birdsong - Cola Bottle Baby (Harder, Better...) DOWNLOAD/Zshare
MP3: Breakwater - Splashdown (Robot Rock)
MP3: The Imperials - Can You Imagine (Crescendolls)
MP3: Eddie Johns - More Spell On You (One More Time)
MP3: George Duke - I Love You More (Digital Love)
MP3: Chaka Khan - Fate (Music Sounds Better With You)


Anonymous said...

When you say 'some other blog' I don't suppose you mean Palms Out Sounds - their logo's attached to all of these! Cheers though, they're definitely worth posting up. Cola Bottle Baby's a great tune but I bet people wouldn't go so crazy for it if the DP boys hadn't used it to work their magic.

Paul said...

Point taken, link added. :)

titrox said...

well....thank`s ...this is incredible.. ....