Thursday, 16 August 2007

Insomnia? Nope, John Hyde.

Perhaps it's just a phenomenon that can be attributed to the blogging 'kind', but we seem to have this untimely desire to share music that excites us, yearning to deliver it to as many ears as we can possibly attract. I say untimely, as right now it's 00:48 GMT and while most of my fellow countrymen (or rather country persons) are in bed I'm writing a goddamn blog post. Rest assure, I wouldn't be up at this hour if it wasn't for such a worthy cause.

So, I get an e-mail from fellow Liverpudlian John Hyde, heralding the arrival of his latest remix...already!!! It seems only a week ago I got hold of his Beck re-rub. Hasn't this guy got anything better to do? You have to hand it to him, he's unashamedly brash if nothing else. Perusing his back catalogue one would observe only 'household' names this guy has had a poke at: The Beastie Boys, Nelly Furtardo, Beck and now CSS. John has yet to faultier, and is rapidly making a nuisance of himself on playlists worldwide. His captivating remixes work by utilizing the essence of the original track whilst always providing the listener with refreshingly layered production and emphasized bass hooks. DO NOT MISS OUT!!!

MP3: CSS - Alala (John Hyde Remix) DOWNLOAD/Zshare

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