Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Phantom Sky

Blimey, it's hardly been 24 hours since my last post and yet here I am, plonked in front of my computer with a quintessentially English cup of tea (no saucer, mind) and an eagerness to write about music that excites me.

I'm not one of those bloggers who post daily, I'm more of the 'as and when' sort. However, when trawling through the musical quagmire that is myspace, I happened across an artist whose music rallied me into action: Phantom Sky. A native of Dusseldorf, Germany and donning a Karl Ruprecht Kroenen style mask, (which frankly scares the bejezus outta me) Phantom Sky could easily be mistaken for a French citizen if one was to base nationality on musical output. Comparisons to French musical innovators such as Daft Punk and Cassius are perhaps unavoidable yet Phantom Sky adds traces of the old skool into the blend allowing the listener to differentiate his sound from his Champagne quaffing counterparts. One to be watched.

MP3: Phantom Sky - Real House DOWNLOAD/Zshare
MP3: Phantom Sky - Electric-Dance DOWNLOAD/Zshare
BONUS: Kanye West - Stronger (Phantom Sky Remix) DOWNLOAD/Zshare

1 comment:

The Lemur said...

Yikes! He is like the coolest dude I've seen in a long time. He's like a French (but still German) MSTRKRFT member! No, he is way cooler! His tracks seem to have some fun concepts. With is skills and image he could be something really big. He's got that something, I can feel it, my spidey sense is tingling. Thanks for the post! Thanks for the blog!