Saturday, 5 July 2008

Hearts On Fire Remixes

It seems that In Ghost Colours highlight, Hearts On Fire is rapidly turning into this years D.A.N.C.E. On the plus side there's always at least one great remix in the pile, but at the same time it can become a bit of a shitter as I invariably end up hating the original. This presents me with something of a conundrum. Do I jump of the bandwagon and get trigger happy with these remixes, or do I hold fire to help maintain the integrity of the original...inflation leads to devaluation n'all that.

Guess I have to head somewhere in the middle. That's what blogging's all about these days innit, perpetuating the hype. I want in.

MP3: Cut Copy - Hearts On Fire (Polygon Palace Remix) YSI/Zshare
MP3: Cut Copy - Hearts On Fire (Damage's 'Broken Heart Siren' Remix) YSI/Zshare

MP3: Cut Copy - Hearts On Fire (The C90's Remix) Fileden/Zshare

For a more comprehensive list of Hearts On Fire remixes, head over to the Lemur Blog, yeah.

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∙fj♥∙ said...

As if this post wasn't bad enough for my Will-not-listen-to-new-songs-albums-and-remixes-untile-i-listen-to-the-stuff-pending-from-weeks-by policy.. u go and include a link to tht lemur blog.

Bad paul.. bad. <3