Tuesday, 8 July 2008


Men pampering themselves with moisturisers. The Labour Party embracing the free market. And now Indie bands turning all dance in this ever homogenising world in which we live. There was once a time when the two concepts were seen as polar opposites. These days, it's not uncommon to find a band with its own in house remixing wing, al la Van She, Cut Copy...and Haunts.

On the one hand, the London based foursome deliver murky, blustering punk-funk which I find surprisingly danceable. While elsewhere, they produce bass heavy dance remixes, with nods in the direction of their 80's influences. They aptly describe it as "like Haunts with synths".

If you happen to have a ticket for T in the Park (that's Scotland, Americans!) this weekend, you'll be glad to hear they're playing the Friday on the Relentless stage. Go cut a rug and give them my regards.

MP3: Haunts - Low Slung City Skyline YSI/Zshare
MP3: Haunts - Bomz II Drop YSI/Zshare
MP3: The Enemy - Your Not Alone (Haunts Remix) YSI/Zshare
MP3: Late Of The Pier - The Bears Are Coming (Haunts Remix) YSI/Zshare

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