Sunday, 13 July 2008

The Joy Formidable

Are The Joy Formidable Cool? Yes, of course. Not only do the London based trio (by way of Wales and Manchester) have a strong affection for dream-pop/indie and falsetto vocals (music has been lacking), they're also willing to take on the increasingly impersonal world of music promotion, mailing me the official video to upcoming 7", Austere (released August 18Th, if you're interested, which you are) together with a badge and a hand written note. Yeah I know, hand written!!! I'd love for this trend to continue, but I'm wary of dishing out my home address to all and sundry. And by all and sundry, I mean label lawyers and letter bombers.


Anonymous said...

very good

even the video is nice.

thanks :)

Anonymous said...

great vid., fantasical sounds-with a lot more to come i guess. Love them.