Saturday, 22 December 2007

Mylo: Salt Lick

Mylo - real name Myles Maclnnes - is the man responsible for one of the most important records of the noughties: 2004's Destroy Rock And Roll. Receiving widespread critical acclaim (even Elton John is quoted as saying it was his album of the year), the Scotsman's debut was as refreshing as it was retrospective, providing something acceptable to fans across the musical spectrum.

There was however, a track that never made it onto Destroy Rock And Roll: the Toto sampling Salt Lick. Having failed to receive clearance from Toto ("they completely blanked it") Salt Lick never saw the light of day.

Fortunately for us, Mylo is a daring soul. You may remember his unauthorised leakage of two Kyle Minogue tracks that never made it onto her X album. She was not amused. Undeterred, Mylo has done it again, releasing Salt Lick to fans on his Myspace page, despite Toto's disapproval.

It's a real shame that Salt Lick never made the album. It's a superb example of Mylo's trademark slicing and dicing of prime choice samples. See for yourself.

MP3: Mylo - Salt Lick DOWNLOAD (Myspace Rip)

MP3: Toto - Stop Loving You DOWNLOAD

Salt Lick will be removed on Christmas Eve.


denny said...

Toto have missed a trick by saying no. Not all the rock dinosaurs were good enough to come back as good as new, and Toto are one of them.

sara c. said...

both very good tracks.

and i completely agree with you on blog-house definitions. pointless and just, well, pointless.

jack said...

OH NO I MISSED THE SALT LICK merry christmas, cheers