Saturday, 20 November 2010

Treefight For Sunlight

When you think Denmark, I'm sure you picture Vikings, Carlsberg, and Lars Ulrich. When I think Denmark, all I hear is whimsical psychedelic pop-rock. Or at least I did after listening to Copenhagen quartet Treefight For Sunlight.

Although there's no denying an MGMT influence, their approach is a more organic one - a synth free zone. Treefight use a wall of harmonies to create weight while still keeping things light and bouncy. The intricacies of their music demonstrates an awareness of psych-pop/rock that runs deeper than the genre's latest revival. I mean, there are times when these guys are one flute flurry away from sounding a lot like The Free Design. One listen will have you transported to West Coast America.

Having just signed to the Bella Union label, you can expect a full length album some time in February next year.

MP3: Treefight For Sunlight - What Became Of You And I DOWNLOAD

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