Wednesday, 3 November 2010


The stripped back nature of the folk/folk-rock genre can so easily result in music that's a little on the dull side, perfunctory even. These are not words I'd use to describe the folksy sound of Casey Chandler, aka Galapaghost, whose latest E.P. entitled Runnin', is simply a joy to listen to. Featuring seven tracks, the E.P. appears to effortlessly meld the rustic sounds of Neil Young and Don McLean with the more layered production of Beirut and Brian Wilson. Delicate falsetto vocals and simple melody seamlessly give way to rich, dreamy harmonic soundscapes with apparent ease. It should come as no surprise that this young talent has recently graduated with a degree in music production.

I can't recommend Runnin' enough, and given that it's being offered as a free download, there's literally no excuse. You can thank me later. For now though, enjoy!

MP3: Galapaghost - Disintegration DOWNLOAD

MP3: Galapaghost - Runnin' E.P. (Zip) DOWNLOAD

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