Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Kids Of 88

I think it was during the Louis and the Nazis episode, when Louis Theroux meets pre-teen skinhead pop group Prussian Blue, that I learned the significance of the number 88 to the white power community. Translate the numbers to the alphabet and you get HH - or Heil Hitler. Now, as far as I'm concerned there can only be two reasons why a band would name themselves Kids Of 88. Either they're an enterprising electro group attempting to create a niche in the white supremacist market; or they are literally kids of 88 - 1988. I suspect it's the later.

After signing up with Sony records, this Auckland city duo released their debut LP Sugarpills to much fanfare in their native New Zealand. Now, on the back of an appearance at CMJ and a mini-tour with fellow kiwi's The Naked And Famous, their new wave dance-rock sound is deservedly gaining attention outside their homeland. Check out Feed The Birds, a track that comes complete with wailing guitar and In The Air Tonight style drum fills.

MP3: Kids Of 88 - Feed The Birds DOWNLOAD

While I'm covering New Zealand music, I hit on a singer who goes by the name Ruby Frost. She won some big MTV competition last year, but hasn't yet achieved breakthrough status. Judging by this gem of a remix, Ruby is definitely one to keep an eye on..

MP3: Ruby Frost - Moonlight (Leno Lovercraft Remix) DOWNLOAD

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