Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Cut Copy - New Album

Cut/Copy (has that '/' always been there?) are turning up the hype up for their hotly anticipated follow up to their seminal album In Ghost Colours, sending out press releases to all and sundry. So, what do we have? Well, we have a name; Zonoscope (cool), an album cover (cool), and a U.K. release date; 7th February 2011 (er, not so cool). The danger with whipping up such a frenzy about something so far away (s'cuse the pun) is that, much like Christmas which appears to start in late September, when it finally arrives, it can often struggle to live up to expectation created in one's mind. That said, I have full confidence the boys can deliver the 'goods', so-to-speak. What else can you expect from an album described as "Cut Copy boiled down to [its] purest form, a suite of futuristic visions built upon primal rhythm tracks". What could possibly go wrong, eh?

If you didn't already catch it, here's the free MP3 the band released early this year.

MP3: Cut Copy - Where I'm Going DOWNLOAD

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