Tuesday, 24 February 2009

New Phoenix Track

It's funny, I've never really been that in to Phoenix. Odd, considering the bands pedigree; fulfilling the role of backing group for Air, not to mention the fact the bands guitarist, Larent Brancowitz, played with short lived retrospective super group, Darlin', which featured both members of Daft Punk!

Phoenix's new track, 1901, released in anticipation of the bands fourth studio album sometime in May, may require that I do something about my relative ignorance of the band's back catalogue. 1901 is a pleasure to listen to. A masterpiece of French indie-rock. The chunky keyboard buzz intro, the whirling synths and jangly guitar hook, make it (for me) this years Time To Pretend.
MP3: Phoenix - 1901 DOWNLOAD

MP3: Phoenix - Everythig Is Everything DOWNLOAD


What gets club soda out? said...

Posted at 19:01? Cleverrr.

Paul said...

HaHa, now I could sound really cool and say that I did that on purpose but the fact is that was a total accident. Well spotted!

What gets club soda out? said...

Well, that gives me the willies.