Friday, 20 February 2009


If you have a thing for MSTRKRFT and the Nordic countries, then let me introduce you to BMK; Sweden's answer to the Ontarian duo. Known in their homeland as Blandmissbruk (a word which I'm told refers to the mixing of many nefarious habits at the same time), BMK are rumoured to be masterminded by members of the Swedish band, Division Of Laura Lee. They where brought to the attention of label Swedish Columbia via their notorious warehouse parties in the outskirts of Gothenberg. The label was impressed enough with their slightly murkier brand of electro-dance, that they whipped out the bands second single, We Don't Care, backed by a sweet Tanimura Midnight remix.

Get the record HERE for free.

MP3: BMK - We Don't Care DOWNLOAD

MP3: BMK - We Don't Care (Tanimura Midnight Remix) DOWNLOAD

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