Thursday, 27 January 2011

Brother - Darling Buds Of May Video Released

Broadly speaking, you're in either of two camps: you either love Brother, or you hate Brother. I've met people from both sides - a middle ground does not exist. So what now for a band that appear to be 2011's musical equivalent of the Israel/Palestine conflict? That's right, a new promotional video and a tour with The Streets. Supporting The Streets is a shrewd move. Both acts ham up their gritty, urban image, and play music with yob-pop overtones. It's similarities like this that will no doubt endear Streets fans, looking for an alternative now Skinner has decided to wrap up The Streets project, to the cause.

The video, featuring typical council estate fare, is for the quartet's debut single Darling Buds Of May. The track, which is an updated version of the song's original demo incarnation, is available to download over on itunes. As is often the case these days, I prefer the demo version.

MP3: Brother - Darling Buds Of May (Demo Version) DOWNLOAD

MP3: Ralegh Long - Darling Buds Of May (Brother Cover - French) DOWNLOAD

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