Sunday, 21 December 2008

Marina And The Diamonds

If you're like me, then your itunes will be littered with accomplished female artists (could I sound more patronising?) like Feist, Ladyhawke and Lykke Li (among others). Now you can add to the list pint-sized songstress, Marina And The Diamonds, hailing from the valleys of Wales via Greece (or maybe that's Greece via Wales). Marina's sound seems ripe for chart success, following the breakthrough of other artists like Duffy and Adele, though she's as annoying as neither. That's not to say she won't make it on her own merit, not at all. Obsessions, Marina's incoming single, demonstrates the singers inclination for bouncy keys, brisk beats, and cutting lyrics ("Won't you quit your crying I can't sleep, one minute I'm a little sweet heart, and next minute you are an absolute creep") contrasted by drawn out chords and softly-softly vocals.

Obsessions is backed with the track Mowgli's Road and will be released via Neon Gold Records, through which the mighty Sleepyhead was unleashed. The single is limited to 500 copies, 250 of which will be made available to customers outside the U.S.. Head on over to Puregroove to per-order your copy.


cubikmusik said...

love it!

Anonymous said...

can you get mowgli's road up?