Friday, 12 December 2008

Audio Bullys/Shinichi Osawa News

Few bits of news I want get through. Firstly, electronic music duo, Audio Bullys have made a comic...that's right, a comic! Basically, the narrative fits round the lyrical content of the track Dope Fiend, which, when you purchase a physical copy of the comic you get a download link for. Here's you click-through banner:

Second up is some swell news from the Shinichi Osawa camp: a competition entitled 'Who is The One who could remix and release your track?' Submit your MP3 for Joe public to listen to and vote on, after which Shinichi will take a butchers at the 10 highest rated tracks and choose an overall winner. Top dog will have their track released on Southern Fried Records together with an accompanying remix from Shinichi himself!

MP3: Audio Bullys - Flickery Vision (Jamie Anderson and Deepgroove's Idiotproof Remix) DOWNLOAD

MP3: Shinichi Osawa - The Golden DOWNLOAD

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