Tuesday, 18 November 2008

New Metric Track

Prior to the release of Metric's as yet unnamed forth studio album (due early 2009, fingers crossed), the band distributed a track entitled Help, I'm Alive, to Canadian radio. The song is thought to be the albums leading single. My initial reaction was one of indifference. It was only after I watched the video posted on the bands website, in which vocalist/songwriter Emily Haines describes the difficult process of putting together new material, that I came to appreciate the vocal anguish of the record. I usually find this kind of thing pretty pretentious, but I guess I can forgive a bit of pomp for such a great band.
MP3: Metric - Help, I'm Alive DOWNLOAD

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Ash said...

I wish I could listen to this but I always forget my headphones when in an internet cafe! Always a good read though dear :-) x