Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Heads We Dance

Yorkshire's Heads We Dance are set to release their much hyped 12" (and digital download) on 24Th of this month, via Gold City Records. The lead track, The Human Touch, described as "a crunchin' five minute space-disco synth workout", received a 5/5 rating in I-DJ, and was made Song of the Day by Popjustice. The flip side, You Are Never Alone With Model 21, sees the band do a great impression of a slightly sinister Pet Shop Boys. Now, I know that maybe doesn't sound like a compliment, but you should come see my collection of PSB vinyl.

MP3: Heads We Dance - You Are Never Alone With Model 21 DOWNLOAD

MP3: Heads We Dance - My Heart Is Set On You (Geek Chic's Cardio Workout) DOWNLOAD


Pete HWD said...

Hey! Thanks so much for the post. You can download both sides of the single, remixes by Sidechains, Charlie Fanclub (Work It Baby), Louis La Roche and neON!, as well as our own very special sci-fi mixtape for FREE from our myspace now! HWD x

Anonymous said...

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