Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Loud Pipes

It's always such a pleasure to open my inbox and find an email from one man production power house Loud Pipes. The pleasure doubled on this occasion, as not only is this an original composition, his first, but is also an exciting departure from his previous sound. Not to do his past handiwork a diservice, but a change is sometimes required to keep things fresh. Made with "the dancefloor in mind", please enjoy Untitled in all its 320kbps glory.

MP3: Loud Pipes - Untitled DOWNLOAD
BONUS: MP3: Loud Pipes - Megamix DOWNLOAD

I also recieved this remix of Adele's Hometown Glory. Produced by Night Facilities, probably best known for his winning Lo Sforzo remix, this particular interpretaion doesn't stray far from the original. That said, it does more than enough to engage the listener. Kind of like what Tom Middleton did with Coldplay's Clocks way back in '03. I think.

MP3: Adele - Hometown Glory (Night Facilities Remix) DOWNLOAD
BONUS: Coldplay - Clocks (Tom Middleton's Cosmos Remix) DOWNLOAD


Anonymous said...

love that megamix!

sara c. said...

I was going to post this but you've already got it!

And I just turned 20, thanks for the birthday wishes love :]

Mat Payne said...

They are the future! :)

Anonymous said...

is there anyway you could re-post the coldplay track?? It is AMAZING!

Paul said...


I wish I could but I lost pretty much all my music a little while ago...including that remix you wanted. Sorry I can't help.