Friday, 1 February 2008

Alex Metric (2)

Alex Mertic is no stranger to CTA. His superb remixes have secured my interest for the foreseeable future, and at just 26, have shown him to posses the creative flair so often lacking in the music of his peers.

Although linked to the Breakbeat scene (his label, Marine Parade is the creation of renowned Brighton Breaks DJ/producer Adam Freeland), admitting that "it's the scene [he] first got known in", it's a pigeonhole he's been trying to gain some distance from, with, might I add, some success. That said, the old school breaks "mentality" is something that has stuck with him. "Mashing everything up into one, not just conforming to any one genre or style within a tune" appears to be his way of doing things, demonstrated by the tracks posted.

Alex will be playing at London's Hoxton Bar this coming Sunday.

MP3: Splittr - Alone Again (Alex Metric Remix) (Myspace Rip) DOWNLOAD

MP3: Elevator Suite - The Wheel (Alex Metric Remix) DOWNLOAD

1 comment:

∙fj♥∙ said...

Can't wait for his upcoming EP, i loved 'whatshewants' <3

btw doesn't his remix of SPLITTR remind you of digitalism's "MAGNETS"?? dunno why lol

great post <3