Monday, 11 February 2008

& Down (Lil' Bro Peeps' Haunted House Remix)

Friday was the day I received an email containing a fine remix of & Down, Boy Noize's bass heavy opener (I refer to its position on Oi Oi Oi). It came from Lil' Bro Peep whose name suggested I'd be listening to some kind of Hip-Hop take on the track, but who actually delivered a version that sounds like it's come via the Midnight Juggernauts camp, whom he admits to being "a massive fan of". Shoreditch based, and just 23. What's not to like?

MP3: Boys Noize - & Down (Lil' Bro Peep's Haunted House Remix) DOWNLOAD

Does anyone know what the hell is up with Blogger. The spell check won't work and now the add image feature seems to be hit 'n' miss. Argh!!!

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