Thursday, 4 October 2007

Jo Wiley...Fake? Tell Me Something I Didn't Know

In case you didn't know (it's about time I came clean), I've always had a general hatred for BBC Radio 1 disc jockey and television personality Jo Wiley, so you can only imagine my glee upon hearing that the toffee nosed, nasal toned, bandwagon jumping buffoon has herself become embroiled in the recent spate of phone-in "slip-ups" to hit the BBC. How? Well, it transpires that during a pre-recorded section of the show, a BBC employee posed as a competition winning member of the audience. The BBC strenuously points out that Wiley herself was unaware of the goings on, but I beg to differ. I know phone lines muffle the voice of the caller somewhat, but how could she not have known that it was a member of staff? So, either she new about it, or the women is so unbelievably arrogant that she never makes time for conversation with her co-workers.

Anyway, onto matters more pressing: the blogging debut of French based ER2, the brainchild of electro-dudes Willo, Nicolas, Antoine and Maksyme. With a combined age of 75, ER2 possess the ability to amalgamate tough undertones with softer textures managing all the while to maintain a coherent, stylish sound that permeates your capability to concentrate on anything else.

MP3: ER2 - The Search DOWNLOAD

MP3: ER2 - Avril 200 000 DOWNLOAD

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